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Discover our Sales Process.

To ensure we are the ideal partner for our customer's vision, we strive towards creating strong business relationships with their people. We do this by organizing several onboarding sessions designed to establish life-long commitments to our customer's potential, based on a deep understanding of their goals.

Sales Meetings

Whether you are a customer or looking to become one, if you need a special service, or looking for volume discounts, our experts will be happy to advise you at any time. Get help choosing a product, a service, or asking for a previous purchase at Infinity Comex.

Envisioning Session

This free consulting session starts by examining your current IT environment and business objectives to deliver a clear and actionable picture of how our technology offerings can help you reach your business goals.

Value Calculation

The Value Calculation Session helps you calculate the expected cost, savings, and return on investment (ROI) for your digital transformation path through the analysis of specific inputs, such as service levels, workloads, and schedules.

Technology Roadmap Session

An IT Roadmap Session is designed to evaluate all of the available options to produce an action plan for implementing and optimizing Information Technology Solutions across your organization.

Customer Immersion Experience

A Customer Immersion Experience is a hands-on introduction to the tools and solutions that gives our customers the opportunity to meet and experience their new powerful solutions for themselves.

Value Discovery Workshop

The Value Discovery Workshop (VDW) is a post-sales session designed to help our customers, improve the acceleration of business value discovery focused on prioritized customer Areas of Interest.


At Fenix Alliance, we are committed to your success, for real. We have designed our organization in such a way that our success depends on your success. Therefore, we are always looking for new, innovative solutions to help you achieve your goals, no matter how ambitious they are.


Support Center

Find answers to the most common questions and get the enterprise-grade support you need to rocket-launch your business.


Developer Center

You will need to sign-in to report an issue or post a comment regarding our set of APIs, quotas, applications or developer products.


Learn More About Our Sales Proccess

We know that our technology is only useful if it helps you engage customers, empower employees, optimize operations, and reinvent products and business models. At the Fenix Alliance Sales Center, we will help you find the right solutions to transform your business by bringing together the right collection of resources.:

Envissioning Sessions

This one-day briefing starts by examining your current IT environment and business objectives. Then it moves into the Envisioning Center, where you’ll see our offered solutions in action, through powerful demos and scenarios customized to meet your needs.

The day includes mutual discovery, tailored product and technology drill-downs, and expert presentations. It culminates with the delivery of a clear and actionable picture of how our technology offerings can help you reach your business goals.

Architecture Design Session

This custom session focuses on your business objectives and aligns them with specific software applications to help you not only meet your goals, but also capitalize on them. We’ll provide architectural guidance, consultation on preferred practices, and risk analysis to chief technology officers, architects, and senior members of your development team.

Engagement Offerings

Technical Guidance Sessions

Engagement Offerings

Knowledge Transfer Sessions


In this multi week, in-depth workshop, our architects work closely with key members of your technical staff to transfer knowledge and prove out customized solutions.

This workshop may also include detailed demos and training sessions. Your team will have a private, secure, and fully loaded development suite that's preconfigured prior to their arrival.


If seeing is believing, then imagine what a hands-on immersive experience can do! Attend a custom briefing that includes a facilitated, hands-on environment where you and your colleagues can experience the vision of our managed platforms and solutions firsthand.

Engagement Offerings

Connecting with our communities

Engagement Offerings

Connecting with our communities


During this multi-day engagement your technical staff will work with the Microsoft team in a rapid, iterative fashion to creatively apply technology and build prototype solutions to business problems. We work closely with your team to transfer knowledge of the platform and services for solution development.

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