Improve public administration and achieve profitability through cloud-based tools.

Cloud solutions offer flexibility and the opportunity to pay only for what you use. With cloud-based data management and hosting solutions you can stay within budget.

Enable economic growth.

Cloud solutions offer flexibility and the opportunity to pay only for what you use. With cloud-based data management and hosting solutions you can stay within budget.

Each country needs to evolve and innovate to compete in the dynamic global economy. By adopting the power and security of cloud computing, we help governments and private industry to manage resources more efficiently, meeting the needs of their citizens and customers.
Our solutions can empower people for the the future through world-class technologies and smart solutions, reimagining governments and industries across the globe to unleash the entire potential of the innovative job creators of today and the future, as well as train the future workforce to acquire the necessary knowledge to cover those jobs.
We help create real opportunities for entrepreneurs and new businesses, in a paradigm shift that allows job seekers to empower employers.
What is a Digital Organization?"]

A digital organization is one that is constantly striving to deepen the engagement between citizens and their government. Indeed, technology is the catalyst enabling the delivery of services and responsive that meet expectations. More than simply automating traditional processes, a digital organization is one that continuously strives to streamline operations across services. The integration of data and AI not only helps leaders interact and adapt, but also contributes to a lower cost of operations.

Drive the next generation.

The right technology can transform education, inspire learning anywhere and unlock the potential of teachers and students.

We deliver services and experiences that bring learning to life inside and outside the classroom, tools that allow education leaders to reimagine how technology can modernize learning and improve academic outcomes.
We provide technology and skills that will help students prepare for their next step in life, whether in the workplace or in extended education.
We empower teachers through the training, communities, technologies and experiences they need to be successful and help each student achieve more.
We support institutions in the process of satisfying the dynamic needs of education infrastructure with effective technologies that allow to secure and manage the business of education, in the cloud or on-premise.
Your content is always protected by strong security, far from the reach of hackers and unauthorized access. Through the most efficient technology of the current state of the industry, the processes and the necessary certifications. So, your content must be encrypted in transit and at rest to guarantee the highest privacy standards.
You will always be in control of your content, so it should only be used and shared as you allow. You must always have access to it, be able to take it with you at all times and eliminate it at will.
With our services you can fulfill all your obligations, your content is stored and managed in compliance with applicable laws, regulations and the main international standards.
Your institution need to know what is happening with your content at all times, with clear explanations and in simple language how Fenix Alliance manages and protects your information. You will be fully aware of how our cloud computing providers will respond to requests for compliance with the law to access your content.

Do you have unanswered questions about security, privacy and control of your data in the cloud?

We work together with world leaders in the cloud services industry to deliver solutions that transform organizations. At Fenix Alliance we value the privacy of our clients and give them the power to keep control of their information at all times.

Committed to the security and rights of citizens.

In a world with increasingly complex threats, both physical and digital, your government needs solutions to face these challenges proactively.

Conduct quick and informed decisions.

Evaluate possible emergencies, their projected impact and develop action plans against incidents combining different sources and types of information.

Enable collaboration from virtually anywhere.

Manage communication between agencies with technological solutions designed to maximize security, reliability and interoperability.

Train your city staff with "mission ready" devices to work faster and easier.

Find the right mobile device for the role or the right mission and improve access to critical information, whether at a desk at headquarters, in the field, patrol, part of a multi-agency working group or when moving between bases.

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