Reimagine customer's experience for a digital world.

Manage a series of ideas and align them with strategic priorities to bring new and innovative products and services to the market quickly and effectively, increasing competitiveness and value for the customer.

Create experiences that connect with your customers.

The emergence of consumer IoT and smart connected products, such as smart TV, portable devices or smart devices, fundamentally changes the way manufacturers design, deliver and service their products. Fenix Alliance offers solutions focused on the ability to offer rich experiences and services in a specific context for the consumer, taking advantage of the advanced technological innovations around IoT, big data, social networks, the cloud and natural user interfaces.

Drive transformation in the industrial sector.

Today's advances in sensors, devices, connectivity, machines and data knowledge have created a powerful combination that can free up commercial value, drive innovation and take your business to heights you never imagined before.

Connect your operations.

Together with our extensive portfolio of associates and through world-class technologies, at Fenix Alliance We help manufacturers take advantage of the Internet of Things to transform their business and improve the customer experience in a fast and cost-effective way by taking advantage of their current technological landscape.

Promote safe processes and regulatory compliance.

Our solutions can help manufacturers improve document review and approval processes, meet regulatory requirements and reduce violations of data protection and control policies. Integrated the most efficient platforms of productivity of the market that facilitate the access of data to a great number of people, at the time that maintain a high security for confidential or private data.

Allow deep knowledge to improve decision making.

Our partners' tools help foster collaborative innovation by balancing control and flexibility, helping to keep business leaders informed about work on each project, schedules, financial decisions and rapid changes that may occur during the process of innovation.

Get involved in collaborative and social thinking to solve problems quickly.

<b>Identify high-value ideas and put them into action. </b> At Fenix Alliance we know how to provide solutions for every stage of the product development and launch process, from research and development to engineering and testing, through manufacturing and to the consumer, to help manufacturers to innovate and launch products to the market more quickly.

Helping to ignite digital transformation for our customers

At Fenix Alliance, we help our customers to build on the IoT opportunity, leveraging new opportunities for you and your clients.

Around the globe and across every industry, a digital transformation is happening—and picking up speed every day. Whole industries are being invented and reinvented by the rapid digital transformation fueled by the Internet of Things (IoT).

Still, we understand that not every business is prepared for this change, so we've made a strong commitment to helping them get ready while our IoT solutions help further their business and technology goals.

Manufacturing was made for digital transformation.

We build end-to-end solutions on top of on world-leading technologies to connect your clients with new and existing applications and tool. At Fenix Alliance, we deliver the next generation of smart devices and systems to help our customers.

Engage customers

The tools we build can help today’s manufacturers innovate all aspects of the customer experience, driving a dramatic lift in revenue—up to 3 percent to 7 percent higher than less digitally savvy peers. Using your IoT solutions and predictive analytics to develop a 360-degree view of their customers, manufacturers can engage with them on a 1:1 basis, delivering personalized marketing, sales, goods, and service.

By equipping our clients with the right tools and systems to harness their customer data, we help them build better, stronger engagements with their customers as well as draw actionable intelligence and predictive insights needed to deliver personalization at scale. With our solutions, they can delight their customers by delivering what they want before they even know they want it.

Transform products

Manufacturers are moving product innovation into real time and your smart devices will help level the playing field. Those that can identify and scale new solutions—using a wealth of data, including IoT-driven insights—can rapidly capture share from competitors. Tags and readers can monitor product condition as it travels from the factory floor to distribution hubs and customer retail stores.

At Fenix Alliance, we help our customers generate new business models and new revenue opportunities through our innovative, market-leading solutions. By using digital content—collected through our applications and tools, we ensure they’re armed to capitalize on emerging revenue opportunities by making our devices even smarter, helping them imagine what's next.

Optimize operations

Optimizing is about equipping manufacturers with devices that provide the insights they need to shift from merely reacting to events, to responding in real time. Robotics, automation, and connected equipment all help manufacturers operate in a smaller footprint.

Simply knowing what’s happening within the business is not enough. Our clients have to anticipate what will happen and be prepared to capitalize on that insight. For that, we help them gather the right data and provide the right solutions to help gather it—from across a wide, dispersed set of endpoints; thereby, increasing operational efficiencies and enabling informed decision making.

Empower employees

Today’s manufacturing workers require greater mobility and operational control, whether they are on the factory floor, in the showroom, or on the client site. Our Security & Mobility Practice + collaborative and interactive tools can help enable rapid review of data, speed decision making, and enable workers to more easily monitor and manage equipment.

As your organization grows and you provide employees with new devices, we can help you to provide experiences that fuel collaboration and productivity while mitigating risks like security and privacy concerns. At Fenix Alliance, we deeply understand how entire organizational effectiveness can be shaped through technologies like mobile apps, dynamic dashboards, and other digital artifacts.

Be part of this digital revolution.

Download Microsoft's Digital transformation for the manufacturing industry brochure.

Security in the era of IoT

As IoT continues to evolve, it becomes increasingly important to build devices on an IoT platform that correctly balances security needs, the user experience, and the resource constraints of diverse devices. We can help you brings enterprise-grade security to protect user and device identities, data, and connections. This unique approach enables us to build solutions that take an end-to-end approach to security—from each device you imagine all the way through to the cloud. After all, a device that is already secure naturally and provisioned to connect to a secure cloud will accelerate efficiencies and speed solution deployment.

We understand the complexity of manufacturing, the vast range of product types, and the challenges of omni-channel supply chain management and how this makes a comprehensive security plan a crucial part of the business. Daily, manufacturers face the real-world challenges of theft, pilferage, product control, compliance, confined space monitoring and permitting, access control, and HSE standards.

For this reason, as a device manufacturer building for this industry, we help our customers to protect each and every endpoint from the smallest sensor to the cloud. That’s why choosing a technology partner with a comprehensive platform that helps you take an end-to-end approach to security is so important.

Our devices built with Windows 10 advancements in security and identity protection help manufacturers secure their processes—from receiving basic materials, to safeguarding the manufacturing process, to protecting the transportation and delivery of final products and empowering a mobile workforce.

Our innovative, embedded line-of-business devices along with biometric controls and multifactor authentication help provide a competitive advantage for your manufacturing clients. Windows 10 offers new ways for you to help them protect critical business information from leaks and thefts, and the ability to separate corporate and personal files on BYOD devices, leading to more secure business practices across your client’s enterprise.

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