Reimagine Education.

Go beyond classrooms through reliable solutions that empower your teachers and students to reach their full potential.

Strengthen the capabilities of your institution through powerful and reliable tools designed to meet the highest standards of quality in the learning process that extend the reach and effectiveness of your classrooms.

Education is always changing, students are evolving along with society, first grade students are learning third-party things, we have moved from paper books to eBooks and the information is found in apps and online platforms.

This is also changing technology, which is increasingly adapted to the needs of education with cutting-edge solutions, the ability of computing to enhance classrooms has been increasing well, as technology begins to position itself As a fundamental tool in the process of preparing students, teachers need to adapt to this change to create effective teaching methods that attract students to the wonderful world of knowledge.


Individual consumers, small and medium enterprises, large companies, local administrations and governments around the globe.


A complete portfolio with products, software, services and solutions that provide innovative and transformative paths through the complex challenges faced by our customers businesses and the constantly evolving society of today and the future.


Learning is for life, not just for school, so it makes complete sense to teach with technology that will prepare students for the future workforce. Unchaining those students' skills that will take them from kindergarten to a life path career.


Empower your students to learn to create, deliver assignments and collaborate on creative projects. By using next-generation education tools like videogames and mixed reality content, you can teach your students the parts of a cell or the whole galaxy; each part of the human body. You can teach them to write code, deliver assignments and collaborate on creative projects. The possibilities are endless and we are here to help you enable those experiences.


We firmly believe that education is the best thing that can happen to any person. At Fenix Alliance we are dedicated to leveraging academic communities with smart, world-class technologies, to build tomorrow's world together.

Resources for teachers.

Lead the change that's enabling the next-generation of learning.

Resources for Students.

Find tools that help empower your abilities so that you achieve great things!

Resources for Researchers.

Get the best experience and support in your research through devices and systems that defy limits.

Resources for Institutions.

Become the IT hero of your institution with intelligent solutions that enhance cooperation and learning.

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